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Survivor Shows Importance of Early Screening For Colon Cancer

Posted March 13th, 2018

Shawn Ryan, of Evesham, New Jersey, went to get a colonoscopy when he turned 50, following the advice of the medical community to get screened early. However, the results of that procedures altered the next few years of his life.

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Colonoscopy Saves Lives

Colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the Unites States, with 136,000 new cases diagnosed each year. The odds of developing colon cancer in your lifetime is 1 in 20. Having a colonoscopy with removal of pre-cancerous polyps reduces that cancer risk by 90%!  Colonoscopy should be considered a colon cancer prevention test, not just to detect cancer at an early stage.

For people at average risk of cancer (without family history of colon cancer or polyps) screening colonoscopy should start at age 50 (45 for African Americans). Talk with your physician about colon cancer screening, and make sure you are not one of the almost 23 million people in America who have not had colon cancer screening. Visit here for more information.

Digestive System

let's look at some of the common problems that can occur in the upper digestive tract.

These examples represent some of the more common problems that can develop in the upper digestive tract. However, there are many other problems that can occur in this area. Your doctor will be able to describe to you what might be causing your symptoms and the abnormal findings associated with them. > Play Video

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